Fees and Insurance

Our fees are based on the customary fees for quality dental care in this area. Some insurance companies base their benefits on a minimum standard of care and/or the amount of premium an employer pays. Occasionally our fees will not coincide with an insurance company’s contractual payment schedule.

Complimentary Assistance

As a free service for our patients, our office will prepare and file both primary and secondary insurance claim forms. The insurance company then pays the patient’s benefits directly to our office, and we credit the patient’s account.

Payment Arrangements

Patients are primarily responsible for the cost of their treatments. At the time of treatment, patients may make arrangements with our financial coordinator or business manager for payment of their portion of the fee.

Answering your Questions

Because of a time factor, patients may receive a monthly statement from us before we receive their insurance credit. If patients have any concerns regarding their financial status, our staff is available to answer questions during regular business hours at 419-636-3163 or toll free 866-729-2434.